IOB provides a global market for procurement & disposal of surplus oilfield plant & materials.

Message from the CEO

International Oilfield Brokers (IOB) is the culmination of my 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry, including the past four years as a specialised equipment broker. IOB (formerly EASIGOE Oilfield Brokers) was established in 1997 as an independent broker to procure and dispose of surplus plant and materials from within the oil and gas industry. IOB provides a global market for procurement and disposal of surplus oilfield plant and materials. I am pleased to provide a world wide equipment sourcing and disposal service to the international oil and gas industry. Please contact IOB or visit our website if we can be of assistance to your company.

What equipment is handled by IOB?

IOB specialises in sourcing and disposing of the full range of oilfield plant and materials. These include:
Drill Pipe
Drill Bits
Marine and Ship Equipment
Drill Rigs
Diving and ROV
Process and Production Equipment
Drilling and Completion Equipment

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Recent sales have included:

Triplex mud pump from operator in New Zealand to buyer in Scotland
Centrifugal pumps from New Zealand to Europe
Oilfield casing from Australian operator to SE Asia
Tri-cone drill bits from major oil company in Australia to buyer in USA
Navigation and positioning equipment to major shipping company for FSO on NW Shelf of Australia